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Oh Hey, I'm LAURA aka "Microbizchick"

Entrepreneur, Mentor, Writer

Nearly 20 years ago, I started my first business as a single mom desperate to stay home to raise and homeschool my son…

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I started that first business with $0 and little experience.

A valuable lesson was learned in that first venture:  start with what’s in my hand.

Since then, I’ve started multiple businesses with little to nothing, as well as, acquired many useful skills.

Now, I own three different micro businesses: Microbusiness Mentor, Jot & Tittle Vintage Typewriters, and Paola Lane.

Additionally, I’m working on my first book, scheduled to be available in the Fall of 2022.

(BTW…I DID stay home and homeschool my son! He’s now in college.)

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How it all began

In 2001, I walked into a pawn shop with my 1-year-old son on my hip...

I couldn’t pay rent and was trying to pawn jewelry to come up with cash. That moment was humiliating – just as much as in 2007 when, again, I couldn’t pay rent…but this time it was different…I offered to work in exchange for rent. That was the launch of my first business, Arete, cleaning and painting rental houses.

That moment of desperation lead to two decades of starting and operating multiple microbusinesses that all met the need of our family in various ways.

Current Microbusiness Ventures

Jot & Tittle Vintage Typewriters. 
We service and repair vintage typewriters and sell them on our website and Etsy shop.

A quarterly theme-based, thought-provoking lifestyle magazine. “It’s the little things”. Where small beginnings lead to endless possibilities.

Since 2016 I’ve been working with microbusinesses. I’m passionate about seeing people succeed and helping them put feet to their dreams.

To me, microbusiness is all about family. anyone can start a micro business. it does not matter economic status, race, gender, age...simply start with what you already have and move forward.

and...never apologize for being small!

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Never Apologize For Being Small

My first book project! A look at the very big impact microbusinesses have on our lives and community.